The Conference

The BEACON conference on "Catalysing European Local Climate Action" took place on 21 May 2019 from at the Design Offices Heidelberg.

It provided an opportunity for local actors to network with colleagues from around Europe to exchange on practical solutions for climate change mitigation. The conference documentation is available for download in all BEACON languages here.

The conference focused on practical and solution-oriented discussion rounds, for example on energy poverty, local energy production and municipal development in relation to sustainable mobility. In addition, the municipalities had the opportunity to exchange views in expert forums on current topics with cross-border climate policy relevance, e.g. on municipal data management or the Fridays for Future movement. A guided tour of the world’s biggest passive house district “Bahnstadt” by the Heidelberg City Planning Office offered the participants practical insight into climate and future-oriented urban planning and rounded off the conference programme.

Please find the conference programme here.

The conference provided a mix of plenary sessions and interactive, parallel workshops which follow three thematic streams:

  1. Political stream - Climate action for local development: how can climate change mitigation and the socio-economic development of cities go hand in hand? Selected themes such as fighting energy poverty, local energy communities and sustainable mobility will be discussed with panels of experts and in small groups.
  2. Technical stream - Solutions for climate change mitigation: which technical innovations help tackle climate change locally? One session will explore incentive schemes for energy savings in schools, another focuses on financing local climate and energy actions. Additionally the topic open environmenal data management will be highlighted in a case clinic sessions.
  3. Inspiration and communication: get inspired through interactive formats and learn how to effectively communicate information on climate change to local stakeholders.


Our conference booklets provide a detailed description of each workshop session in all BEACON languages: