Registration: BEACON conference "Catalysing European Local Climate Action", 21 May in Heidelberg

Funding for travel and accommodation expenses:

Funding for travel and accommodation (within our budget) will be available for BEACON municipalities and for participants contributing to the case clinic sessions. Please indicate below if you will cover your own expenses or if you request funding from the organising partners.

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Your expectations in reference to the conference:

To design the conference in a way most useful to you, please let us know what your expectations are. (1) What questions do you have regarding municipal climate change mitigation? (2) What do you want to take away from the conference?

Privacy Policy

I consent that my personal details will be stored and used in accordance with German data protection regulations. Any personal details collected as part of this form will be used for the purpose of processing the registration and dealing with your enquiries. adelphi is authorised to forward your registration data to the organisations of the BEACON consortium for conference logistics and for organising your travel and accommodation. Your details will not be passed onto any other third parties. No use will be made of your details for consulting purposes, for advertising or for market research.

Photo Policy

adelphi would like to point out that photos of you may be taken during the conference and that they can be used for communication purposes (in particular documentation and brochures) in print media and on the Internet (e.g. project websites, Facebook, etc.). If you do not agree that photos will be taken of you at the event, please inform the relevant staff when registering.