Parallel Sessions

June 16 - 14:30-15:45 (GMT+2)

Session A) Building a truss from beams, turning single projects into long lasting structures for climate action
How do we mainstream climate action in schools? This session will discuss different approaches and visions of the Beacon project, through the exchange of ideas and best practices on incentive systems.

Interpreting available in: Czech, Bulgarian, and German


  • Vít Král (representative municipality CZ) 
  • Sonja Hofmann (representative municipality DE) 
  • Kamelia Georgieva (representative from implementing BEACON-Partner BG) 
  • Manuela Varga and Gabriela Dirloman (teacher and representative from Curricula Task Force RO) 
  • Markus Power, NGO level (Greenpeace DE) 

Session B) More participation, fewer cars? Participatory approaches to reducing individual car use
Reducing the use of private cars – a distant dream in cities impacted by the pandemic or an achievable goal? In this session, we will shed light on mobility projects from various EU countries with a focus on good participatory practices.

Interpreting available in: Romanian and Portuguese


  • Pedro Moreira/ Filipa Corais, Municipality of Braga
  • Thomas Freitag, Municipality of Pirna
  • Monika Matei, deputy director, Decebal National College Gymnasium School, Deva
  • Claus Köllinger, Vision5OG

Session C) Stepping on the scales: increasing energy management to reduce emissions Europe-wide
The lowest hanging GHG reductions come from simply managing your energy. This session explores experiences with municipal energy management and avenues to scale it up - to spread good practices to municipal administrations Europe-wide.

Interpreting available in: Greek and Polish


  • Theodoros Argyropoulos, Municipality of Dorida
  • Jiří Karásek , SEVEn
  • Dr. Zdravko Georgiev, Sofia Energy Agency 
  • Andrea Immendörfer, State Energy Agency Baden-Württemberg (KEA-BW)


June 17 - 11:30-12:30 (GMT+2)

Sesion A) Future and hope: young people in climate action
In this session, sparks may fly. Students will debate the difficulties and obstacles of the implementation of climate protection. They will not mince their words and show what the younger generation demands to be done on climate protection to secure the safety of their futures.

Interpreting available in: Bulgarian, Czech, German, and Romanian


Students from the BEACON project:

  • Tzvetelina Mosheva (BG)  (moderating student)
  • Beloslava Marinova (BG)  (moderating student)
  • Ludmila Kozlova (CZ)  
  • Greta Lohrenz (DE)  
  • Daniel Parashevov (BG)  
  • Stefan Petrov (BG)  
  • Alexia Pojar (RO)  
  • Denis Gavrila (RO)  
  • Larina Casoni (RO)  
  • Horia Sibu (RO)

Session B) Climate action is teamwork
Cooperation is a key element in climate action - municipalities show how internal and external cooperation can succeed, how key actors can be identified and convinced, which structures need to be established, and how obstacles can be overcome.

Interpreting available in: Portuguese


  • Rosa Lopes, Municipality of Coruche
  • Katrin Knur, Municipality of Bottrop
  • Liviu Stanciu, Municipalities of Arnsberg - Alba Iulia

Session C) Green Recovery: financing climate action in European municipalities
Making use of available national, EU, and international financing as well as private financing is key to implementing the transition to low carbon municipalities. What financing is available, what are good examples and what role do the green recovery funds play?

Interpreting available in: Greek and Polish


  • Moderation: Linda Beyschlag, Consultant, Guidehouse 
  • Moritz Schäfer, Associate Director, Guidehouse  
  • Simona Iliescu, Inspector, Local Development Department, Municipality of Ramnicu Valcea, Romania 
  • Francisco Gonçalves, Project Management & Overall Coordination, Energy Cities
  • Anna Zawadka, Secretary of the Town and Municipality of Sztum 
  • João Morais Mourato, Research Fellow - Institute of Social Sciences - University of Lisbon 
  • Sylwia Slomiak, Advisor to the Board of the Association of the Wisloka River Basin Communes and Country Expert for Poland at European City Facility