On 16-17 June, 165 representatives and experts from 13 countries, municipalities and schools as well as local climate change experts, municipal representatives and associations, government representatives, non-governmental organisations, and EUKI-project participants beyond the BEACON project were invited to attend the BEACON Final Conference. The event took place online via livestream and live translation into all the BEACON languages was provided.

The BEACON Final Conference advanced work and successes schools and municipalities have initiated in the past three years. The conference served as a vehicle to:

  • Learn from peers and discuss new ideas for climate action in times of green recovery

  • Showcase climate action achievements

  • Reconnect with BEACON peers from schools and municipalities

  • Expand the network to pave the way for ambitious climate action 

  • Celebrate successes and keep the BEACON spirit alive

Watch the plenary sessions and keynotes here:

Day 1 | Part I

[00:12:08] Conference Opening

[00:20:20] Welcome Words from the German and Czech Governments

[00:36:00] Keynote – "Breaking news from BEACON schools"

[01:04:24] Plenary Session – Navigating Europe towards climate neutrality: progress, partnership, and pandemic

Day 1 Part II

Conference Closing


Day 2 | Part I

[00:00:00] Tuning in: Getting ready for the day, a little energiser from the moderator

[00:10:30] Keynote – Elected representatives & students in dialogue on their vision for a climate-neutral future


Day 2 | Part II

Conference Closing 
Please excuse that not the whole session has been recorded due to technical difficulties. 

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You can find background information on the BEACON project and relevant publications on the EUKI website and on the adelphi website.

We enjoyed seeing many familiar faces and looking forward to cooperation and ambitious local climate action in the future.