Young People in Climate Action

Future and hope – young people in climate action

Nine students from four different countries shared their experiences and ideas and discussed what constitutes a sustainable future. Moderated by the students themselves, they also talked about how they can motivate their friends to engage in climate action.

Tzvetelina Mosheva (BG), Beloslava Marinova (BG), Horia Sibu (RO), Stefan Petrov (BG), Ludmila Kozlova (CZ), Alexia Pojar (RO), Greta Lohrenz (DE), Daniel Parashevov (BG), Denis Gavrila (RO)

Our Highlights

Every small thing can change something!

Key take-aways: The ideas of the young people need to be taken more seriously! There should be more formats for them to come together like this, such as with councils with young people and politicians. The young people themselves have many good ideas and are also very active themselves. The support on the ground towards the political side and also towards the classmates should be strengthened.

Mentimeter results made the youngsters commitment clear:
Nearly ¾ of the young people bought second hand clothes often already, used no plastic bags any more, are eating vegan and are making things by themselves instead of buying them and taking the train instead of taking the plane. From the chat we learned: jam, toothpaste, soap, washing gel, bread, tea can all be made by yourself!