Energy Management

Stepping on the scales: increasing energy management to reduce emissions Europe-wide

The lowest hanging fruit to reduce GHG emissions come from simply managing your energy. This session explored experiences with municipal energy management and avenues to scale it up –to spread good practices to municipal administrations Europe-wide.

Find the session presentation here.

Theodoros Argyropoulos shared his experience on energy management with the attendees.

Our Highlights

Key takeaways from all speakers on best mechanisms to increase energy management:

Jiří Karásek, Senior Consultant, SEVEn the Energy Efficiency Centre

  • Involve mayors and elected representatives: We need to win the hearts and minds of political representatives. 

Dr. Zdravko Georgiev, Executive Director, Sofia Energy Agency

  • Crucial elements for improving energy management in schools: Training, training, training, keeping up the motivation and controlling the achieved results, and benchmarking (technical standardized measures).

Andrea Immendörfer, Project Manager, State Energy Agency Baden-Württemberg (KEA-BW)

  • A legal framework, such as by making legal requirements for sustainable energy as in the Climate mitigation law in Baden-Württemberg, is needed!
  • There is no climate neutrality without energy management

Theodoros Argyropoulos, Head of the Revenue and Estate Department, Municipality of Dorida

  • Important are funding and financing and committed representatives and dedicated people in the municipalities.