Climate Action is Teamwork

Climate Action is Teamwork

Cooperation is a key element in climate action - municipalities show how internal and external cooperation can succeed, how key actors can be identified and convinced, which structures need to be established, and how obstacles can be overcome.

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Katrin Knur shared her experience on multi-level cooperation for climate action in Bottrop.

Our Highlights

Experiences from multi-level cooperation for climate action:

Katrin Knur, Climate Manager, Municipality of Bottrop

  • The lord mayor is highly engaged in our network meetings which gives us the necessary political backing to implement many successful projects and motivated people to join and value it.
  • Most important factors for success were that all relevant actors worked together to a common gaol and quick solutions and responsibilities could be found among all stakeholders. This went cross-sectional, with different thematic fields, across 300 projects.

Liviu Stanciu, Smart City Strategy Elaboration Expert, City of Alba Iulia

  • BEACON gave us the opportunity to lift our partnership with Arnsberg to another level and add a new dimension to address climate action. We learned a lot from our partner-city, for example about how to support every-day cycling.
  • I would love to see more cities together in such a context!

Rosa Lopes, Municpality of Coruche

  • Thanks to the cooperation with the local industry, we do not only understand the needs of coal producers better: We plan to install a new industrial unit to diversify our local economy.